We are a New York based brand with a local manufacturing team. However, New York is not where this company began.

After moving to Los Angeles in her early twenties, the designer behind Míshi had solidified her vision to start this brand. Michelle experienced somewhat of a whirlwind-like dream in the city of angels after living in her hometown of Silver Spring, Maryland her entire life.

---"If someone had asked me just months prior to moving to the west coast if I had ever envisioned myself physically relocating to LA for work, I would've never imagined it happening; it was never a goal or even a thought of mine. Living there was completely freeing, inspiring and unexpected...an experience tough to replicate."---

Míshi is for the fun and fearless person. In a way, she designs for who she aspires to be.

---"From basically the day I learned how to walk, I was an extremely shy individual with a very loud mind. My mind would want to do something but my body wouldn't sync. I felt limited and frustrated. I still hold some of those characteristics to this day, but constantly find ways to challenge myself and be the risk-taker I am in my mind."---

Míshi has allowed Michelle to not just step out of her comfort zone, but run away from it. We at Míshi hope that the clothing inspires any individual who wears it to be effortlessly unafraid and bold.

This ultimate freeing feeling had created the foundation of what Míshi is. It is a blend of cities where she fell somewhere in between. It is the expression of being fearless, dreamy, loud and soft.

---"I get to share a different concept and interpretation of myself each season. I would say that is the best part of being a designer." ---